Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I hope to accomplish by this post is that a parent, teacher, etc. would see this and bells start going off. Maybe I can provide some comfort to a mother whom has a child just like mine, and give comfort because our children are similar. Perhaps I may give some insight to a grandparent so that they can further understand what is Autism or Aspergers Syndrome Disorder.

I picture myself a mother hen, sitting on my eggs and protecting them carefully. As a mom, I feel it is my job to teach my children about spirituality, moral ethics, and how to be the best grownup they can be.
In the beginning of all this I wish I new who or where to go for answers. Both Jacob and I shed many years of tears together in frustration and pain. You know when your child hurts, you hurt too? Its like a part of your body is being ripped off of you.
I always knew Jacob was marching to the beat of his own drum, he was quirky, but I also knew that underlying, he had some type of disorder. I did not know where to find the answers I was seeking. I just though if perhaps if I just found a label to know what to call his personality, I would feel better. Many parents that I interacted with really had no idea what I was describing. Even the teachers really had no clue of where I should turn for answers, or even if there was a problem. I am sure many other adults around me thought I was making a mountain over a mole hill or Jake was just misbehaving and pushing my buttons.
I knew I wasn't imagining these characteristics (although sometimes I found myself second guessing myself). I already had an older child to compare Jacob to, and I treated him the same way as an infant.
Finally I found out through my perseverance, and my perseverance only, what all these bits and pieces meant. How all these different quirks (pieces) of Jacob fit together and make him-Jacob (like the puzzle pieces you see in the Autism logo). Why he does certain things, why he reacts a certain way, and what exactly is the "label". The more I dig into this and teach myself about this syndrome, the better Jacob and I can cope. However, just when I think I got it all figured out, another symptom or issues appear that needs to be dealt with.

  • "He's rude"
  • "He isn't trying hard enough"
  • "He will grow out of it"
  • "There is not anything wrong, he is just a typical boy"


  • This is a REAL neurological disorder
  • Currently there is no cure, but there are treatments
  • Aspergers Syndrome is often misdiagnosed
  • High Functioning Autism and Aspergers are the same


We as parents are not just over protective. Aspergers Syndrome is real disorder. Early diagnosis is pertinent so the child can get the best treatment. There are ways to help!